Johannesburg, Gauteng. R 85 000. Fair Price. 2000. 1 234 Km. White. Honda civic vtec 2000 model, airbag spec with a b20b motor. Car has original computer box with unichip add on. Car has 17inch rims and is in immaculate.... The JDM edition B20B engine for sale inventory is on sale here. Specs for the B20B Motor. The total 120 cubic inch displacement holds the power for the 2.0-liter series. The power calculates to a 130 to 142 horsepower design. Honda Motor Company offered several compression ratings for the B20B engine. A 9:2:1, 8:8:1 and 9:6:1 were produced. The Honda B20A engine series, known as the B20A and B21A was an inline four-cylinder engine family from Honda introduced in 1985 in the second-generation Honda Prelude.Also available in the contemporary third-generation Honda Accord in the Japanese domestic market, along with the Accord-derived Vigor, the B20A was Honda's second line of multivalve DOHC inline four-cylinder engines behind the. Enter total amount head has been milled and block decked. Enter max operating RPM to determine mean piston speed and max piston acceleration. Enter operating elevation of engine to determine effective compression ratio. Enter boost pressure to determine effective compression ratio. (set to 0 for NA setups). JDM HONDA CR-V 2.0L DOHC B20B with P8R Head HIGH Compression. List Of Parts Included: HEAD AND BLOCK. INTAKE AND EXHAUST MANIFOLD. DISTRIBUTOR. ALTERNATOR. POWER STEERING PUMP. COMPLETE ENGINE AS SHOWN IN THE PICTURES. THIS ENGINE IS IMPORTED FROM JAPAN WITH APPROX. 45-65 THOUSAND MILES ON IT. I finally had some time and scheduled a dyno session for my JDM High Compression b20b engine. This motor made 136 HP and 135 Torque which were great numbers. Joined Aug 15, 2002. 7,553 Posts. #2 · Oct 17, 2021. B20a and B20b are different engines despite a similar designation. If you bought Innovative mounts for the Prelude or the B20b they won't work. Any "regular" B series transmission is compatible with the B20b (trans that came with these engines: B16, B17, B18). The B20a trans isn't compatible. yes, everything will transfer from the ls to a b20. with the exception of the pistons of course...since the b20 pistons are bigger -- 84 mm compared to 81 mm (the rest of the b series family). 1994 Acura Integra B20/VTEC ( SOLD) 00 Mercedes Benz M-CLass. 02 Porsche 911 Turbo. "/> B20b horsepower
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